What is NADAC ?

Helpful Information About the

North American Dog Agility Council


Official Website: www.nadac.com              

NADAC facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NADACDogAgility

NADAC Forum: www.nadacforum.com    


NADAC supports agility as a competitive sport, while striving to protect and advance the interests of dog agility by encouraging sportsmanlike competition and responsible dog ownership.   We set forth and govern the guidelines that support the concept of fun, while maintaining a competitive and safe agility arena.

NADAC encourages and trains judges to set courses that are fast and flowing. Courses are traditionally fun and fast due to the flow and distance between obstacles. Our goal is to maintain an environment that tests dog and handler teams with appropriate challenges, while combining speed, accuracy, distance, and teamwork.

Purpose of Agility Trials

The purpose of a NADAC agility trial is to demonstrate the ability of the dog and its handler to work as a smooth functioning team. The dog should be under control at all times and show a willingness to work with the handler. Handlers should always conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion. 

How to get your dog registered 

to compete in NADAC:

Online registration form: http://www.nadac.com/dogs.htm

All dogs must be registered to compete in NADAC sanctioned events. This is a one-time process and the number assigned is permanent. Any healthy, trained dog, purebred or mixed-breed, over eighteen (18) months of age is eligible to compete in NADAC trials.

Note:  It is best to submit an on-line registration and receive a number immediately.  A mailed in registrations will take a minimum of four weeks to process.

You do not need to wait until your dog is 18 months old to register. You can do so at any time prior to entering your first trial using our convenient online registration form. 

Exhibitor's Handbook

Complete online Exhibitor's Handbook:  http://www.nadac.com/rules.htm 

Agility Obstacles

The following obstacles are allowed at NADAC agility trials:

Dog Walk, Weave poles, A-frame, Open tunnel, Non-winged jumps, Winged jumps, Hoops, Barrels

(no teeter, no table, no tire, no chute)

NADAC's VT Program At a Glance:

NADAC is now accepting videotaped agility runs!

We know of the many “backyard champions” and also people in remote areas who would love to have more NADAC trials available to them! Now you can trial as much as you want, as long as you can set a course and have a video person available that can do a good job of video taping your run!

You and your dog can earn VT titles in all NADAC classes, including Beginners Agility tests. Titles earned through the VT program will have a "VT" designation.

For more information, click here:  http://nadac.com/VT-Video-Tape-Program.htm